List of Products


Product Description Detail
ASTERIX Toolkit A set of tools to manipulate ASTERIX data Detail
ASTERIX SDK ASTERIX decoding and encoding software development kit Detail
Sky Analyzer for ASTERIX An Eurocontrol ASTERIX format analyzing and inspection tool Detail
Sky Recorder A multi purpose data recording, playback, and forwarding tool Detail
Sky Playback A multi channel data playback tool Detail


Product Description Detail
Sky Simulator A surveillance sensor simulation tool Detail
Sky Converter Mode-S & Mode-A/C radar front-end processor Detail
Sky Display Air traffic surveillance display terminal Detail

ADS-B and Mode-S

Product Description Detail
Sky Observer Desktop Desktop ADS-B receiver, decoder and tracker Detail
Sky Observer Basestation Low-cost 1090ES ADS-B basestation Detail
Sky Analyzer for ADS-B A Mode-S & 1090ES ADS-B message analyzing and inspection tool Detail
ADS-B Receiver ADSB-RE1090 High performance protable ADS-B ground receiver Detail


Product Description Detail
Sky ACARS A910 Low-cost ACARS receiver Detail


Product Description Detail
Sky AFTN An AFTN testing utility Detail