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The Story

SinoATC is a company focus on air traffic control market.

Our main business is to provide technical service to ANSPs and work as agent/reprehensive of international ATM system supplier in China.

During our day to day work, we developed some internal tools to ease ourselves’ workload, and we found some of these tools should be useful to others who are doing similar job as us. So we decided to release them on internet.

Since the first version of ASTERIX toolkit was released on Jan 2016, we have issued more than one thousand licenses for user from 50+ countries.

This makes us feel proud and be willing to continue doing what we are doing now, and this is all the story.


SinoATC Ltd.

37-421 V1 Center, Yongyang West Street, Tianjin, 301700, China.


Email: info@sinoatc.com

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