Sky Simulator

A surveillance sensor simulation tool


Sky Simulator is a surveillance sensor simulation tool.

Main Window

It’s possible to create a simulation scenario, add different types of flights and surveillance sensors into the scenario. When the simulation starts to run, it will simulate the flying of flights, and generate sensor output according to sensor characteristics.

The sensor output is in Eurocontrol ASTERIX format, which is industry de facto standard, and can be used by external tools and systems.

The original intention of Sky Simulator is to be an useful tool to test air traffic control automation system or other similar system.


Sky Simulator supports the following types of flights:

  • Random Flight

    A random flight will select a random route by itself in a predefined fly region, and fly in a random selected ground speed and level.

  • Orbit Flight

    An orbit flight will enter an orbit route around a specified center with a specified radius.

  • Free Flight

    A free flight will fly in the space with a starting point and specified level/speed/heading, and flight level/speed/heading could be changed manually by commands included “Flight Control” in real time.

And supports the following types of sensors:

  • Radar

    Radar, including conventional SSR and Mode-S SSR, will query aircraft and receive replies from aircraft transponder, assemble and send out target plot and/or track.

  • ADS-B

    Automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast (ADS-B) will receive broadcast from aircraft transponder, assemble and send out target report.

During simulation, it’s possible to change the simulation speed, or pause it. And it’s also possible to perform a series of tatical command on flights during simulation to change their behavior.

It’s possible to check the output of selected sensor, in both raw format and decoded format.