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Product Platform Status Last Version File
ASTERIX Toolkit Windows 64-bit Stable 1.29.0 asterixtk-win64-1.29.0.exe
Sky AFTN Windows 64-bit Beta 0.1.0 skyaftn-win64-0.1.0.exe
Sky Analyzer for ASTERIX Windows 64-bit Stable 1.29.0 asterixtk-win64-1.29.0.exe
Sky Analyzer for ADS-B Windows 64-bit Stable 0.8.0 skyanalyzer-adsb-win64-0.8.0.exe
Sky Converter Windows 64-bit Stable 1.4.0 skyconverter-win64-1.4.0.exe
Sky Display Windows 64-bit Stable 1.1.0 skydisplay-win64-1.1.0.exe
Sky Playback Windows 64-bit Stable 1.3.1 asterixtk-win64-1.20.0.exe
Sky Observer Desktop Windows 64-bit Stable 1.6.0 skyobserver-win64-1.6.0.exe
Sky Recorder Desktop Windows 64-bit Stable 3.7.0 skyrecorder-win64-3.7.0.exe
Sky Recorder CLI CentOS7 x86_64 Stable 0.2.0 datdump-0.2.0-1.el7.x86_64.rpm
Sky Recorder CLI Ubuntu arm64 Stable 0.3.0 datdump-arm64-0.3.0.deb
Sky Simulator Windows 64-bit Stable 1.3.0 skysimulator-win64-1.3.0.exe

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