Pricing Options

Standard Price

The standard price of each product is listed below, detailed description of special pricing options of each product can be found in product page.

Item Price Pricing Notes
ASTERIX Toolkit Professional Edition USD 99.95  
ASTERIX SDK Binary USD 999.95 Note
ASTERIX SDK Source Code USD 7,999.95 Note
Sky Recorder Prefessional Edition (One-year Upgrade) USD 19.95  
Sky Recorder Prefessional Edition (Lifetime Upgrade) USD 29.95  
Sky Simulator Prefessional Edition (One-year Upgrade) USD 199.95 Note
Sky Simulator Professional Edition (Lifetime Upgrade) USD 299.95 Note
Sky Observer Professional Edition (One-year Upgrade) USD 599.95  
Sky Observer Professional Edition (Lifetime Upgrade) USD 799.95  
Sky Display Professional Edition (Lifetime Upgrade) USD 799.95 Note

About Currency

We accept payment in United States Dollar (USD), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), and Chinese Yuan (CNY).

If you have special requirement on payment currency, please contact

About Payment

We accept payment through PayPal, Bank Transfer (T/T), AliPay and WeChat Pay.

For payment in USD or HKD, we recommend you to use PayPal.

For payment in CNY, we recommend you to use AliPay.

If you prefer to use bank transfer (T/T), please contact for detailed information.

About License Key

For most products running on a PC or Mac, the license key is binded to host computer MAC address.

Please check this link for more information.

Once payment is done, please send an email with following information to

  • Registration name
  • Organization name (Optional for individual register)
  • Address (Optional)
  • MAC address (Up to two per license)

These info will be included in your license key file.

We will process and send you a license key by email in three (3) working days after receiving your payment and registration information.

For product doesn’t request MAC address or a license key file, please check detailed information in product page.

About Invoice

If you pay through PayPal, you can download invoice in pdf format on PayPal website.

And you can always send an email to to request invoice, after payment.

About OEM & Customization

We are very open for any OEM and customization in our product. And actually we have many successful references on providing our product as part of customer’s solution, or developing features and functions according to customer’s specific requirements.

For more discussion, please contact

For Customers from China Mainland

For customers form China Mainland, please follow this link for payment and invoice instructions in CNY.