Sky ACARS A910

Low-Cost ACARS Receiver


ACARS is an acronym for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System which is a digital communications system that aircraft use to send and receive short messages to and from ground stations.

The ACARS receiver Sky ACARS A910 has been developed to fulfill the new and specific needs of ACARS.

Designed for ground communication stations, the receiver is a unit equipped with a number of functions facilitating its integration in various configurations.

Due to its modular conception the unit maintenance is easy and rapid with a simple replacement system of defective sub-assembly in a 2U rack.

The assembly is characterized by the following:

Frequency Range

118.000 MHz -136.975 MHz

Other Operations

  • Operation in local or by remote
  • Digital processing of the signal,
  • Configurable in local or by remote with a PC
  • Integrated BITE
  • Support UDP and TCP data output