Sky Observer for Desktop

Pricing Options

Professional Edition

Item Price
Sky Observer Prefessional Edition (One-year Upgrade) USD 599.95
Sky Observer Professional Edition (Lifetime Upgrade) USD 799.95

About Registration

Unregistered user can use all functions of Sky Observer, but ASTERIX output will be inhibited after a session has been running for 30 minutes or more.

Registered user (Professional edition) can use all functions of Sky Observer without any limitation.

We appreciate you to support us by purchasing professional license!

About Upgrade

License with “One-year Upgrade” option is valid for all versions of Sky Observer released within one year after purchasing.

License with “Lifetime Upgrade” opetion is valid for all future versions of Sky Observer.

A purchased license will always be valid and you can use your current version forever if you don’t need new features in new version.

About OEM & Customization

We are very open for any OEM and customization in our product. And actually we had quite a few references on providing our product as part of customer’s solution, or developing features and functions according to customer’s specific requirements.

For more discussion, please contact us.