Sky Simulator 1.3.0 Release Notes

19 May 2021


Sky Simulator is a surveillance sensor simulation tool.

It’s possible to create a simulation scenario, add different types of flights and surveillance sensors into the scenario. When the simulation starts to run, it will simulate the flying of flights, and generate sensor output according to sensor characteristics.

The sensor output is in Eurocontrol ASTERIX format, which is industry de facto standard, and can be used by external tools and systems.

The original intention of Sky Simulator is to be an useful tool to test air traffic control automation system or other similar system.

List of Main Changes

  • Edit flight after creation;
  • Duplicate existing flight;
  • Create single random flight;
  • OEM function improvements.

Full change log can be accessed at


Platform Windows 64-bit
Version 1.3.0
Fine Name skysimulator-win64-1.3.0.exe
MD5 4c174e7f7b26c87d37709ac098e8edff

Notes for ASTERIX Toolkit Professional Edition User Purchased before May 1st 2020

Sky Simulator was former “ASTERIX Simulator (beta)” and part of “ASTERIX Toolkit”.

For customers who have purchased “ASTERIX Toolkit Professional Edition” before May 1st 2020, we will proivde free licenses of “Sky Simulator Prefessional Edition (One-year Upgrade)”.

The quantity of licenses to be provided will be the same with ASTERIX Toolkit licenses you purchased before.

Please contact for more information.