We have a series of useful software and hardware tools to be used in air traffic control surveillance and communication field.

Surveillance Data Software


ASTERIX Toolkit is set of powerful tools to decode, analyze, record and replay data in Eurocontrol ASTERIX format. This tool has been widely used workwide to analysis and inspect ASTERIX data from ATC sensors like radar, ADS-B, multilateration systems.

ASTERIX Analyzer

ASTERIX Analyzer is an Eurocontrol ASTERIX format protocol analyser. It can open ASTERIX data in different file formats and categories. It allow user to inspect data and make kinds of analysis.

ASTERIX Simulator

ASTERIX Simulator is a surveillance sensor simulation tool. It can simulate flights moving in airspace and generate ASTERIX format surveillance data.

Data Recorder

Data Recorder is a general purpose data recording and replay tool. It can record data from UDP, TCP, async serial line, file, save data into file and/or foward data onto network. It can also be used to make data playback.

Data Playback

Data Playback is a multi channel data playback tool. It can synchronize data in different channels during playback. Some ASTERIX data items like SAC/SIC and timestamp can be modified during playback.

Surveillance Data Hardware


RadarHub is a RS232/HDLC to Ethernet converter. It can make bidirectional conversion between HDLC frame and UDP packet. 2 to 16 serial ports can be integrated into one converter depending on different configuration.

ADS-B Receiver and Software

Sky Observer ADS-B Receiver

Sky Observer (Beta) is a desktop ADS-B receiver, decoder and tracker software. Sky Observer can receive and proess ADS-B & Mode-S messages from commercial or homemade ADS-B/Mode-S receiver hardware, extract flight information and make tracking. It can also output flight information in standard ASTERIX cateotry 21 format. Sky Observer can change your PC to an ADS-B Ground Station System.

ADS-B Reports Viewer

ADS-B Reports Viewer is a ADS-B DF-17 format decode and display tool. It interfaces with low-cost ADS-B receiver, receive and decode DF-17 data, and display them in a fancy way.

ADS-B Frontend Processor

ADS-B Frontend Processor is used to integrate old ADS-B receivers into air traffic controll automation system or other similar systems. Old receiver normally includes errornous configuration, non-standard data field, private user application profile (UAP), or use obsolete CAT021 version. ADS-B frontend processor can change data fields like SAC/SIC and timestamp, can fix or disgard errornous data items, and can make conversion between different CAT021 versions and UAPs. All these modifications can be applied on line to live ADS-B data stream.

Software Development Kit

ASTERIX Decoding Library

libasterix is an ASTERIX format decoding library. It's written in C99 code, and is super fast and robust. It's tested on Windows, Linux and MacOS 32-bit and 64-bit platform, and can be ported to nearly any platform as customer demand.